The replica watch case is made of 316L stainless steel

Overall, the fake watch case is made of 316L stainless steel, coated with DLC black coating to achieve the same effect as ceramics, but also has a certain anti-scratch effect, and the structure of the case, and the structure of the arched glass On, it is exactly the same as the original. Therefore, the difference between this watch and the authenticity is very small. The outer ring of the speed measuring is the outer ring of ceramic material consistent with the genuine product. The outer ring of the measuring speed is designed for the non-rotating outer ring. Here, the function of the speed measuring circle is first given to everyone. The speed measuring circle is based on the movement of the standard object for 1 km. The value of km/h, that is, the time from the start, press the pause after reaching 1000 meters, and pass the value on the speed ring on the second hand to get the value of km/hour.

Some of the lettering on this watch, as well as fonts, are very few on the Internet or in OMEGA's flagship store. Because the original version of this watch is almost impossible to buy for quite a long time, of course, now, so in the details of the details of this table is the reference of the Supermaster series 311.30.44.51 .01.002, so this watch is also the absolute lowest watch rate replica watches, but also a very personalized watch.

Use SuperLume luminous material, the best steel material pointer, highlighting as close as possible to the original 18K white gold pointer, here to give you a little knowledge of the table friends, first of all, you can see the second picture I shot, the second hand is not What? This is also the question that I regularly go to the most frequently reacted to the high imitation table store I manage. XXX is not awkward, is it not correct?

We opened the entire table vertically from the front and it looked like this. It is definitely right to the center. It all depends on the visual angle, and the personal senses. I also talked to colleagues who are responsible for taking photos of customers in the high-profile shopping mall that I manage. They always feel aggrieved. No matter what they say, customers always feel that they are sophistry, or evade problems. In my opinion, after all, customers are spending money to buy products. Any doubts and distrust are normal, and the obligation they can fulfill is to truthfully represent the goods. Will be fake watches able to solve the problem to provide a solution for the customer, will not be able to solve the truth tell the customer, if the customer can not accept then cancel the order. In my opinion, this is the fairest way in a risky industry.