The rational design of the movement makes it easy to repair the replica Rolex

So how does Rolex innovate? We mainly talk about the fake Rolex gears. From the color of the gears, it can be seen that the replica Rolex movement assembly is ready for future maintenance.

Red gear: The automatic chain control wheel, that is, the energy generated by the rotation of the automatic rudder, is transmitted to the connecting rod that keeps the balance spring continuously rotating.

Golden gear: the time adjustment wheel, which is rotated by the rotation of the gear to adjust to the correct time. Because of the rational design of the movement, this makes it very easy to repair the Rolex. According to the problem, you can immediately determine which accessories are the problem, and then you can immediately replica watches replace and solve it. There is no doubt that this is an innovation that Rolex has done with almost all outstanding patents owned by others, 3135 time adjustments, and quick calendar adjustments, as well as color-separated gear solutions, all of which are fake Rolex The patent application, although there is no way, but also have to admire replica Rolex's serious attitude towards related services.

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